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Does your leadership and vision create traction and a healthy team?

EOS Workshop

“Companies must evolve or risk ceasing to exist”

Are you experiencing any of these pains?

People Issues

Experience a lack of buy-in, teamwork and accountability?

Out of Control

Business consumes all of your time and runs your life

Lack of Profit

No rewards for the time and energy you put into the business?

No Growth

Continue to hit the ceiling and unable to break through?

Nothing Working

Tried a lot of different things but nothing works?

No Direction

Continue to spin your wheels with no clear direction?

If so, you’re not alone… 95% of other business owners are too.

Core Values


Humbly Confident

Open, honest, real and well-practiced; Always ready to make a positive difference


Doing The Right Thing

Never betraying trust and always doing whatever it takes to resolve issues, so people can move forward


Focused on Growth

Driven to maximize every situation and take ourselves and our clients to the next level


Focused on the Client

Putting our personal interests aside to advance others; Always giving value before expecting anything in return


Delivering on Commitment

Overdelivering results at every opportunity; Meeting up front expectations

Why EOS?


“I can’t believe it took us this long to make a change. So happy that we did. Numbers don’t lie.”

Jason Schreiner, CEO

Companies Running On Professional EOS® Implementation

  • Transparent & honest communication throughout
  • Everyone in the business on the same page
  • Ownership, discipline & focus
  • Run on data & accountability
  • Open & vulverable leadership
  • Documented processes
  • Ability to scale & grow
  • Making constant progress
  • Consistently solving issues
  • Having fun & being successful

Companies Not Running On Professional EOS® Implementation

  • Silos being formed and knowledge being withheld
  • Leaders and employees having different visions
  • Rogue employees; Lack of focus
  • Run on ego, feeling & emotions
  • Leadership above employees
  • Still trying to figure things out
  • Stuck
  • Trying to break ceilings
  • Dealing with items over & over
  • Frustrated & not as profitable

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